Learning Curves are Steep

This week I spent countless hours working through the readings and the exercises. I got about three-quarters of the way through Exercise 4 before calling it quits for this week. I experienced a steep learning curve, with feelings of accomplishment, of failure, of frustration, and gratefulness.

First, full disclaimer: I have the added benefit of having an incredibly helpful younger brother who is in school for web design and other techie things. He was kind enough to look at my mistakes and point out where I went wrong so that I could fix them and move on.

Some of the major breakthroughs and successes I experienced this week were probably quite simplistic at one level, but represented a step forward for me. I’m hoping it’s a process and that I will continue to understand and build on what I started to understand this week. This week, I was introduced to Markup and through the two tutorials, I began to understand why it was important and how to use it. Significantly, I learned to use several symbols to differentiate the text, as I demonstrate in this document. However, I had trouble with this task, especially with adding images. Using the free search tool linked by the professor, I searched for “bookshelves” and chose the picture I wanted. I copied the link into Markup, but it only showed up as an image icon and not the actual image. My brother examined my commands and noticed that the link was incorrect (not a huge deal, but still). After putting in the correct link, it formatted correctly and I felt like I understood the tool and its uses. This isn’t to say I don’t still get confused, but a quick reminder is all it takes to format **bold**, # headings, and so on.

I was able to translate some of that knowledge and the experience into Exercise Two, which focused on using the DHBox. Luckily, I was familiar with the concept of command lines and typing in strings of text because of the fact that I use a Linux computer. However, I still made simple mistakes such as typing in the wrong word “get” vs “git”, or forgetting to “add” before “committing” a new file. For this reason, my file is most likely unnaturally long and includes many lines of useless commands and backtracking. See my fail log command lines here. I understand the concept, but would like more practice, which I’m sure I will get.

Exercise Three was fairly easy and it made sense to me. I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I plan on figuring out how to make sub-folders or something to separate all the files that will be in there by Module. Right now I find it hard to navigate. Perhaps I just need to work on my naming conventions.

I found this week challenging and that it took up most of my after-work hours. I’m hoping that as I get more familiar with the technology, I will be able to work quicker and more confidently. I think I also need to stop relying on my brother for some of my questions. As the professor is always pointing out, we have classmates to rely on and work together with. It’s important to learn to work together with them and build those more professional relationships. It will also take some time to remember to do my notes and brainstorming in Markdown and I noticed that I still took notes in LibreOffice. Looking forward to doing better next week and collaborating more.


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