Making Headway

What I was trying to do
I was trying to download and “clean” a group of diplomatic correspondence from Texas that had gone
through OCR. I used Regex to clean it into a usable file and Google Refine to make it easy to
search and manipulate for later use.

What I did
I finally had success with the command line and am able to navigate the simple functions in this
with ease! I made note of this success here:
I’m finally getting to understand this!
**So Cool**
*Look what I can do
#Brief fail-log before actually creating the final one
I’m creating this markup file in nano in my terminal. This in itself is a positive step for me
because it means I found it, opened it, and will be able to “add” “commit” and “push” it to a safe place (github).
I found this module easier than the previous ones, which means I am learning something finally!
Now I’m actually looking forward to mucking around with the final project.

Used built-in Terminal – can see physical files on my computer – way easier
had some trouble at the beginning understanding the task and how to get started
*note: look through command line and find other notes to consolidate into one “fail-log”*
I made much more use of the Slack channel other people posted *review and credit people*
and some initial use of my brother to walk me through the regex concepts *still a bit fuzzy,
but the notes and place to play around are helping*
Other than simple typing errors and not reading closely enough (yes, we were warned),
things went pretty well.

**Ran it on whole file, not just sender on top**
**deleted letter contents – kept stuff at top, then completed the exercise, highlight**
*problem with reading and understanding – new language issues*
*Tried Pallidum **checkname** and it made a picture of connected words,
but it did not make sense to me and I couldn’t figure out how to use it properly – try again*

Had assistance from my brother. Jeffblackadar helped me identify why my OpenRefine file did not look right.
Dr. Graham further assisted by pointing out that the data probably contained the letter contents
it and suggested ways to fix it (somehow I missed or unsuccessfully completed that step).

My main “fails” this week were thinking that I had installed the Java and OpenRefine files (did all the
command stuff I thought), but only extracting the files and not actually running the correct install.
Ex. “git apt install Java” instead of “sudo …. (correct name)”.
As mentioned above, I also incorrectly deleted the letter contents from the file I was working on and
completed the steps without getting rid of the contents. This led to confusion and some help via Slack
from Jeffblackadar and the Prof. My brother and I went back to an old version (luckily had many backups)
and properly got rid of the contents and re-ran the tutorial.

Things that were hard
I still have trouble following the instructions when so many new terms and programs are installed.
I tend to try to follow them without knowing what I am doing, thus being unable to identify the mistakes
when they occur and causing more trouble down the line. Thinking before doing still needs to be applied better.
I did not figure out how to use the pallidio software.

Thoughts on where to go to next
I did do down and work with the command strings at the bottom of the tutorial after
thinking about it and trying to piece it together myself.
**this is the next step I will have to work on** – I expect using the testing website to
“play around” with regex a bit more will be useful.”
I also need to continue carefully reading the instructions before doing things – it will make the frustrations less later.


NB: This is a copy of the fail-log written straight to github. I realised I was duplicating my work and am trying to only do it once. Please let me know if this is unacceptable. Thanks

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